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Jan 4, 2014 6:00pm EST
'' fans. >> the maryland governor and the governor of north dakota laced a friendly bet on a big football game. north dakota state and towson university faced off this afternoon for the national football championship. won, the governor of north dakota since a case of low carb pasta to the other governor. 6:00, an alert if you have to hit the roads tomorrow. >> we might want to hibernate tonight. >> take advantage of the warm-up we have. tomorrow, warmer air will be in the area for four or five hours. after that, we go downhill. skies are still clear. the temperature is not bad at 33. the windchill is not so bad. the wind is out of the south at nine miles an hour. 34,high today made it up to well below average this time of year. the average is 43. the record is 73. upper northwest d.c. is now at 33 degrees. this morning, they started off at only 16 degrees. 14 was the morning low in arlington. seven was the low in upper marlboro maryland. the wind has settled down. temperatures are holding. hagerstown is now at 26. the cold air toward the northeast. the really cold air is off to the north
Jan 2, 2014 6:00pm PST
. >> wow. that rather armageddon-like mushroom cloud lit up the sky above north dakota, just a couple of days ago, earlier this week. and the reason that a train derailment turned into what looked like the end of the world is because that mile-wrong train which you see blowing up here, that train was in the process of transporting highly flammable crude oil across north dakota when this explosion happened. the train derailment and that subsequent massive explosion happened on monday afternoon in the town of castleton, north dakota, which is just outside of fargo. castleton's a town of about 2,400 people. nearly all of them were forced to temporarily evacuate their homes after that explosion sent who knows what into the air above them. the fire ranged on for more than 24 hours. the temperature of the fire was reportedly so hot that fire crews could not get even close enough to it to try to start to put it out. so they just had to let it burn and burn and burn for more than a full day, before they could get close enough to fight it. the mayor of casselton, north dakota, told people, thi
Al Jazeera America
Jan 4, 2014 2:00am EST
court to overturn the ruling. >> a federal safety alert warns that crude oil from north dakota may be more flammable than we expected, after an explosive derailment there monday, this announcement came. the national transportation safety board is examining the safety of moving petroleum by mail. john seigenthaler reports. >> this is what happened monday when a train filled with more than 3,000 gallons of oil derailed in north dakota - the impact - igniting a fireball raising hundreds of feet in the air. authorities had to urge residents of a nearby city to flee. the cause is under investigation. federal transportation officials set out a safety alert saying, "everyone, the general public, shippers and carriers should be aware that crude oil from the montana and backen would be more volatile. the amount of crude oil moved on the rails has risen by a factor of 40 in the last five years. the new concerns come after a series of derailments involving crude oil trains, including the disaster in quebec that killed 47 people. >> the quebec disaster and the north dakota disaster are wake up
Jan 29, 2014 2:00pm EST
north dakota is going to speak but if she would yield for one moment. i ask unanimous consent that the time until 4:45 p.m. be equally divided between the two leaders or their designees, that at 4:45 p.m. today, the senate proceed to votes in relation to the following: the menendez motion to waive budget points of order against s. 1926, the reed amendment 2703, the whitehouse amendment 2706, and the gillibrand amendment 2708. i would expect that those amendments would go by voice. and, finally, there will be two minutes of debate inbetween the votes equally divided in the usual form. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection. mr. menendez: mr. president, i yield the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from north dakota. ms. heitkamp: thank you so much for this opportunity to stand and support a bill that has taken a long time to get to the floor of the united states senate. and i remember back when members like senator mary landrieu stood and sounded the alarm, sounded the alarm even before we saw the problem coming. and as a
Jan 2, 2014 6:30pm PST
several rail accidents involving oil being moved from the rocken region of north dakota have thrown that into question. rail transport for crude supply, a big theme in 2014 as estimates indicate rail capacity could grow enough to handle 750,000 barrels of crude a day. monday's train derailment and explosion in north dakota. the third such accident have many on high alert. why unrefined crude supplies are exploding, which is typically more of a threat after crude is refined. today a government agency issuing an alert the type of crude being transported from the balken region may be more flammable than traditional crude oil. the accidents raise a bigger question. should the focus be on building out pipelines, which are cheaper and perhaps safer means of transport and if so, how quickly can pipelines be built to handle the increased production out of the u.s. and canada? the national transportation safety board leading the investigation into the accidents in north dakota but energy tradering watching to see how the accidents could potentially impact prices. >> it appears traders are an
Al Jazeera America
Jan 16, 2014 11:00am EST
, and then another disturbance coming down through north dakota and midnight and then through the midwest, light snow, but another shot of cold air behind it. and reinforcing the weather pattern. it's not changing. this is what we can expect today and tomorrow. and another one coming down this weekend. look for the weather patter, and it's not changing much in the next few days. the wind is picking up and we have wind gusts of over 60, 70 miles per hour. at least, and this is a high wind warning for north dakota. and it goes to kansas. light snow coming in from the north. and that's the gusty wind. the temperatures dropping only to 5 in fargo. when you factor in the gind, it feels like its 30 below in fargo and 18 below in bismarck and only 6 in minneapolis. this is another shot of cold air that will move south and push through the great lakes, and another one this weekend. and that will be accompanied with light snow. can't seem to break out of this weather pattern. >> we thank you for watching aljazeera. usually we take you to "inside story," but we're watching the white house right now, and we're
Dec 31, 2013 5:30pm PST
to tomorrow. ginger zee, thank you. >>> we move onto that massive train explosion in north dakota, firefighters battling the flames and frigid temperatures at the same time. p tonight we've learned families in that town are just now being allowed at home but with major questions over what that train was hauling. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: more than 24 hours later the massive fire is still smoldering near casselton, north dakota. the flames began after a grain train derailed. >> it rattled the house and the doors and the windows were shaking. >> reporter: with toxic dark plumes covering, authorities taking no chances, urging residents of the town of 2400 to get out. no casualties but this is the third explosion in the last six months involving trains carrying crude oil from in north dakota. in november a 90 car train derailed in alabama and a derailment in quebec last july killed 47 people. casselton's mayor believes the string of accidents raises many questions. >> with that much traffic it's not a matter of if but when. >> reporter: activists question the condition of
Dec 31, 2013 5:30pm PST
into friday, and boston could get as much as a foot. federal investigators flew to north dakota today to figure out what caused a freight train derailment and crash that led to several massive explosions. an evacuation order was lifted this afternoon. this latest accident is raising questions about the safety of transporting crude oil by rail. here's transportation correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: the thick fire continued to burn just outside of castleton, north dakota, a full day after two trains collided. while no one was injured in the derailment, the intense flames fueled by crude oil are hampering investigators. robert sumwalt is with the national transportation safety board. >> we're not able to get up close and personal to the wreckage until the fire has gone out. >> reporter: based on what they have been able to see, investigators believe ten cars of a train headed westbound and carrying grain derailed and spilled onto adjoining tracks just before an eastbound train carrying crude oil was coming through. that train hit debris from the derailment. at least 18 cars caught
Jan 30, 2014 8:00pm EST
at the end here, what we are seeing coming from north dakota has changed dynamic. it has helped with our jobs and our opportunities. but it isn't just north dakota, it is in texas and california. we are not seeing it in alaska unfortunately and we will not see the opportunity for exploreation this year. shell is not moving forward because of the decision by the 9th circuit. very troubling to me. let me get back to where i think we will take the conversation this morning. just a couple weeks ago, i addressed the brookings institution and presented a white paper on the energy trade and called for ending the prohibition on crude. i will tell you i have been gratified by the thoughtful responses. it hasn't been a knee jerk we cannot do it, the sky is falling. it is much more considered and thoughtful and i think that is where we need to be with these discussions. i want to prompt further discussion and debate on the issue. the analytical and trade winds are blowing. the architecture of u.s. energy exports must be renovated if we are going to lead the world on issue of trade, environment and energ
Al Jazeera America
Jan 20, 2014 2:00pm EST
coming behind it. high temperatures on wednesday not even near zero, in fact below zero in north dakota. watch how the storm intensifies, but it will be in the next few hours. >> we are following breaking news. there has been an explosion at an agriculture plafnlt in north dakota, international nutrition plant. 38 employees are said to have been in the building at the time of the explosion. several are still missing and there has not yet been any reports of fatalities. crews are still looking for people who may be trapped inside. we'll bring you more on this story as it develops. in the meantime, thank you for watching are al jazeera america. i'm del walters. "techknow" is next. about innovations that are going to change lives. we're testing the intersection of hardware and humanity. rax is a neuroscientist. she has the invocation of bamboo and carbon. mar inkta davidson is a biologist specializing in ecologist and evolution. and i'm phil torrez. i'm an entomologist. but i'm over america for a very bad ride. how bad is our air? that's our team.
Al Jazeera America
Jan 22, 2014 2:00am EST
soared 25% thanks in large part to the boom in oil shale production in places like north dakota. that means tanker training of 80 to 100 cars are more dangerous. 1. 1. 1.15 million gallons of oil was spilt last year. not including the accident last year, which accident killed 47, and spilt 1.5 million gallons of oil that came from north dakota. the alternative is not better. last year there was a million gallon release from a 6-inch pipeline. many go undetected. neither rail for pipelines are risk free. >> oil train accidents can be catastrophic, but they are rare. 11.5 billion gallons of oil travelled by rail. 99.99% of it arrived safely. rare or not, the accident can be deadly, cost billions to clean up and cause massive environmental damage. government and industry experts are looking at a slate of changes, everything from re-routing changes, changing tank car design and the speed of trains. some of those changes are expected to be announced within 30 days. the rules on tougher tank cards are not expected until 2015. >> the battle of the buses is on in san francisco. corporat
Al Jazeera America
Jan 3, 2014 12:00pm EST
on the economy, including where you are. >> i know. that's right. people in north dakota must be looking at me, thinking what is he talking about? we go through this ten times a year, and i think that that's very, very true. the thing is about the northeast -- and remember i happen to be many boston, but we have been reporting from all over the northeast, including new jersey and new york where the governors have declared a state of emergency, but this is such a populous area, this is a college town as you know, but you go to somewhere like morris county, new jersey for example, which is only about 30, 40 miles to the west of new york city, there they have 50 fortune 500 companies based. and so that's why the media makes a big fuss about an area like this. and all of the tourism. major tourist centers here. >> and dave warren says it will be minus 52 in fargo next week. [ laughter ] >> well, i hope they don't send me. >> john thank you very much. and now we turn to new york where erika pitzi is live. and the concern there seems to be still about the streets. >> yeah, definitely. the snow has s
Al Jazeera America
Jan 5, 2014 12:00pm EST
.m. this morning. flights were cancelled due to ice on the roadway and freezing rain. in north dakota where some of the lowest temperatures are expected people are advised to stay off the roads and at home unless absolutely necessary. >> hold off on getting groceries, if you can hold off without the necessities, don't go on the road, if it doesn't warrant it, an emergency. >> and bundle up football fans! sunday's nfl football game is expected to be the coldest in nfl history. if 49ers will face off against the green bay packers, wind chill of minus 20. fans at the stadium are encouraged to wear at least three layers and drink hot fluids not alcohol. temperatures are expected to last early into the next week. i can't believe it! >> i don't know if i'm ready for it. >> i'm not. >> let's turn now to our are meteorologist eboni deon. eboni. >> this is an area no stranger to the cold air. we've had just a reinforcing shot over the last several weeks and now our lateliest blast, bringing the coldest air we've seen 15 to 20 years, it's been just that long. from the northern tier, we have below the free
Al Jazeera America
Jan 6, 2014 7:00pm EST
and sand into shale in places like north dakota and texas. the oil and gas that is extracted is helping to shrink the u.s. trade deficit, that's boosting the gdp by an estimated 1 minute 5 percentage points. more oil and gas drilling means more jobs. government data show the number of oil and gas jobs, the blue line, has jumped by 80,000 in the last decade to 200,000, the number of indirect jobs that support industry, that's the other line, totaling about 300,000. the mernt role um inn ought to has a brood broader definition, claiming item ployed directly and indirectly 9.8 million people in 2007. even if that is overstated, which it might be, it is still a lot. but more oil and gsa production is bringing problems. some local communities report increased accidents as huge trucks rubble day and night over america's roads. and while it may be doing wonders for america's independence, all of that production is overwhelming this country's infrastructure. and that is pushing more oil on to rail cars. this is a growing trend that has had recent damage consequences. in the united states the tr
Jan 5, 2014 10:00pm PST
to be dangerous. >> the high temperatures in north dakota was minus 8 on sunday. >> i'm used to the coldest that i have ever felt. >> millions of people will feel the same bone-chilling temperatures for the next three days. >> minneapolis, st. paul will get 15 below for the high. >> reporter: they warn that people could get frostbite or hypothermia from just a few minutes in this kind of brutal weather. >> the cold temperatures, we are expecting this coming week. they are more than an inconvenience. they are serious, they are dangerous, and they can cause a serious health risk. >> reporter: road conditions were treacherous when this tractor trailer crashed near springfield, missouri. at the airport, delays and cancellations stretched across the nation. gordon o'neil is stranded in boston. >> we are suppose to leave on friday morning around 5:40 in the morning. well flights were canceled and we've been here since. >> reporter: more than 4,000 flights were canceled or delayed on sunday. and more are expected as the deep freeze will return to the northeast over the next few days. >>> well, it was 66
Jan 6, 2014 4:00am PST
for almost two decades. 32 below zero expected in fargo, north dakota. minus 21 in madison, wisconsin, and 15 below zero in chicago, minneapolis and indianapolis. indianapolis mayor greg ballard tweeting he raised the travel warning to red, making it illegal to be on the road except for emergencies or seeking shelter. nbc sarah dallof joins us live in the thick of it in chicago. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. officials say this is not only dangerous, the temperatures could be deadly. a bitterly cold wake-up for millions this morning as an arctic front causes temperatures to drop to record lows. 30 to 50 degrees below average in the midwest. 25 states with thermometers sitting at zero and below. in indiana sunday, up to 2 inches of snow fell every hour throughout the day. the mayor of indianapolis warning residents to stay indoors. >> we will have temperatures that are potentially deadly or certainly life altering. >> reporter: in st. louis, snow and high winds made it nearly impossible to see. >> pay attention to your neighbors, see what they need and take care of them. >> reporter: sc
Jan 1, 2014 4:30am PST
in a small north dakota -- people from a small north dakota town investigators say a train carrying grain derailed. knocked several cars from a separate train that was hauling crude oil off its tracks. monday's accident sent a giant fire ball and plumes of smoke a mile high. the 2400 people in the town of castleton were asked to voluntarily evacuate. the ntsb is investigating the crash by examing the train's data recorder. >> you can't show up at a town hall meeting when you don't have a car. you can't send in a fema application when you don't have a computer and internet access. >> survivors of tornadoes thatter to through illinois in november disrupted a news conference yesterday to announce disaster relief. they are blaming local and state leaders for communication break downs and a slow response in assistance. about two dozen tornadoes touched down in one central illinois community. >>> a medical facility until new york says it is willing to accept 13-year-old jahi mcmath if her family can get her there. jahi's family wants breathing and feeding tubes surgically implanted to allow her
Dec 31, 2013 4:00pm PST
. plus the latest from north dakota where a fiery train collision forced town officials to have an evacuation order. and the hosts of msnbc show says she is sorry for comments about mitt romney's black grandson. did her apologies go far enough? good evening. i'm don lemon in for erin burnett. hau new years eve. the world bids farewell to 2013. in new york city, we're less than five hours away from the ball drop in times square. we'll take you there shortly. let's look live. this is london where it just struck midnight and the party is underway looking at the fireworks live between the london eye and the queen elizabeth tower. >> happy new year london. just an hour ago the skies over berlin lit one the 60's fireworks display over the historic brandenburg gate. and there's dubai, you guessed it, more fireworks but not just any fireworks, a world record display. the first world record of 2014. 400,000 fireworks in six minutes at 400 locations along a 100 kilometer stretch of shoreline. that is hong kong. a pyrotechnic musical was staged over victoria harbor. you recognize that brid
Jan 13, 2014 6:00pm PST
of smoke and flames in north dakota. a town in quebec leveled with 47 dead. train derailments involving unusually powerful explosions are on the rise. and they all have a common cargo. crude oil tracked from north dakota. >> all over the united states, that's all they're bringing in. >> kelly graham and her neighbors are fighting to keep the trains from rolling into the bay area. >> there is just too much at risk. >> a company wants to modernize and reactivate an old pge storage terminal in pittsburgh. the plan is to bring the oil in by rail, primarily from north dakota, store it in huge tanks, then transfer it to all five bay area refineries. >> 242,000-barrels a day in and out. that's an incredible and ridiculous amount. >> a draft environmental report admits to significant and unavoidable risk of air pollution, green house gas emissions, spill and accidents. >> now we learn the trains are potentially explosive time bombs. federal investigators say the chemical the oil contains from the process make it even more flammable than traditional heavy crude. >> transporting 50 and 100 tanker
Dec 31, 2013 9:00pm EST
trains collided in eastern north dakota yesterday. no one was injured but the massive fireball was the result. first, a grain train he railed, derailed, hitting another train carrying crude oil going the opposite way on an adjacent track. police have advised residents to evacuate their homes because of fumes. there are a lot of trains carrying crude oil in north dakota these days. it is one of the nation's new and plentiful sources of oil. the train that caused the explosion was carrying it from there to minnesota. the fourth major drailment in six months and likely to recharge the debate over the safety of the north american energy boom. the number of crude oil hauled surged from just under 11,000 in 2000 nine to a projected 400,000 this year. the company that runs the train is burlington northern santa fe. that is owned by warren buffett's berkshire hathaway. he is leading the world know he is betting on crude oil ports. they are swapping shares of phillips 66 for full stock. this helps the product flow through pipelines more quickly. this only the latest of buffett's investm
Jan 30, 2014 4:00pm EST
the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from north dakota. ms. heitcamp: thank you so much. and thank you for this opportunity to talk about the number-one priority for any senator from north dakota, and that is the passage of a five-year farm bill. when i was campaigning across north dakota, i reminded the constituents of my state that in spite of this wonderful energy renaissance that we have going on in north dakota, over 90% of all the land in my state is engaged in production agriculture. it makes this farm bill so critically important to the economy, not only my state but the economy of this country. 16 million jobs depend in this country on the passage of a farm bill that provides producers with sustainable and risk management opportunities that make their farmwork sustainabled and make their continuation in production agriculture economically possible. and so it is a good week -- it is a good week for north dakotans. today we passed the flood insurance bill, which will prohibit draconian and very dramatic increases in flood insurance prices from a
FOX Business
Jan 8, 2014 6:00pm EST
is rolled back. republican senator of north dakota and joins me now. i will get right to the story of first half to ask what is going on in the northeast. pipelines hatter compromised people liars seeing bills rise and prices are going up how can this be when we have increased production so much ? >> i have been working very hard to get more pipelines not only a crude oil by natural gas and with this extremely cold weather, at the very same time in my state of north dakota and others flare off the gas because we do not be enough pipeline to get it to market. that is why i am fighting to get this illustration to lettuce lay down more pipeline. >> once these folks are to see their bill you will see some complaining. >> we have the energy we need the infrastructure the. gerri: talk about the school lunch program. we have heard a lot of yelling and screaming about this program the government put in place that kids were just supposed to each black beans but now the government is backing off but partially because what you have been doing. what is your role? >> together with senator pryor i put to
Jan 2, 2014 5:30pm PST
into monday's derailment and fire in casselton, north dakota, said today they found a broken axel at the scene but it's the too soon to tell whether that was a factor in the accident. also today, the u.s. department of transportation put out a safety alert concerning oil shipments by rail. here's transportation correspondent jeff pegues. >> reporter: the fire that followed the train derailment in casselton, north dakota, burned for more than a day. it was fueled by oil. the cargo on one of the trains. now federal officials have ordered the oil industry to "properly test, characterize, and classify hazardous materials when shipping oil." the department of transportation said it would conduct unannounced inspections of rail cars. the oil that burned in monday's derailment came testimony from the bakken region, encompassing parts of montana and north dakota, it's one of the most active oil fields in the u.s., producing almost a million barrels a day. but according to government officials, it's a type of oil that may be more flammable than traditional crude oil. much of the oil from the bakken reg
Jan 4, 2014 11:00pm EST
below zero and there is more. listen to this. it could get down to 25 below in fargo, north dakota and 15 below in indianapolis and chicago. as adrianna diaz reports tonight, more areas bracing for wind chills well below zero. >> reporter: the northeast is suffering through subfreezing temperatures. >> it's so cold, your face is numb, your toes are tingling. >> reporter: parts dipped down to 20 below zero in maine. >> it made my nose feel like it's falling off. >> reporter: now more than half the nation will feel the freeze, from the dakotas down to georgia. the midwest could hit lows not seen in decades. it might get down to 15 below in chicago and indianapolis. 23 below in minneapolis. sunday's playoff game at green bay's lambeau field could be the coldest nfl matchup ever. the wind chill may drop to a bone chilling 30 below zero. in new england, the frigid temperatures hit as people are still digging out from a major snowstorm. a volunteers up in boston called snow crew shoveled out rosemary who's been stuck in her home since the snow started. >> two months ago, couldn't get the
FOX News
Jan 8, 2014 8:00am PST
a better shot getting a job up in north dakota and government says instead of keeping you on unemployment 70 weeks. let's cut you a check to move to north dakota. policies like that instead of cutting checks. jenna: poor, north dakota, if everyone goes to north dakota, it will be a highly populated state. right now it is not. people look at north dakota as the answer to all of our problems. michael's point is well-taken. we heard that last couple days. what about relocation assistance and people can't afford to move and get other opportunities? >> north dakota last few days moved down to nashville. but seriously i think relocation is a very good idea. the where i would disagree with michael i would rather than see piecemeal policies, done, this, that and other, i would like to see general broad economic growth policies done for the nation and get the government the heck out of this one, that one, a little did link around here. i see reagan and kennedy if i could. jenna: one of the things you both agree on maybe looking at minimum wage. ands art, you have an idea for minimum wage you think
Jan 1, 2014 2:10am PST
now." residents of a small north dakota town have an all-clear. but alarms are sounding now, we'll have the details coming up. >>> and the california hospital who declared a california teen brain dead after removes her tonsils is refusing to give her a tracheotomy tube. she needs it before she can be transferred to a new york clinic. >>> and researchers say a daily dose of vitamin e gives alzheimer's patients six months longer and helps them getting dressed and making meals. >>> and happy new year to each and every one of you, 2014 came in with a bang as more than a million people crammed into times square, the crowds braving cold temperatures ringing in the new year are with the famous ball dropping. those are some of our top stories on this wednesday, january 1st. >>> happy new year, everybody. happy new year. look at us ringing in the new year together. >> am i not the luckiest man in america right now? >> oh, how sweet are you? i will say if i had to be anywhere in new york city, this is probably where i would want to be, i don't know that i would want to do times square. >>
FOX News
Jan 19, 2014 10:00am PST
state is climbing faster in the millionaire rankings? hello to north dakota heading way north in the annual rankings of millionaire households per capita. it shot up 14 spots last year. in 2012 north dakota was 43rd and went to 29 in one year. you won't find any beverly hills here, but you'll find natural gas, lots of it. energy in the shale region fueled the rapid rise in pple with a lot of zeros in their wealth. the state's unemployment rate, too, is get this? 2.6%. a new study finds there are more than 50,000 added millionaire households in the nation last year than the year before. add them up? some $6 million. maine was another fast-moverer climbing 11 spots, be don't bet on nevada's economy, that state fell to 29. arizona, florida and michigan also fell. why the drop? it's the economy, the recovery very uneven across the country. the states that jumped in the rankings turned around in their economy. as for nevada, florida and the losers still stuck in the aftermath of the recession. but the top of the list hasn't changed that dramatically. the number one in millionaire h
FOX News
Jan 6, 2014 7:00pm PST
. >> you know, the unemployment rate in north dakota is 2.6%, the unemployment rate now in midland, texas, is 3.2%, the answer, drilling on private lands, couldn't we institutionalize that. if you're unemployed in midland, you just don't want to work. >> and the same parts in north dakota and absolutely, the boom has taken place despite the government's best efforts. and could lead to the resurgence in the manufacturing area. that is what separates us from others, cheap energy. there are a lot of opponents of that, if they could get out of the way we could ride of pretty far. >> here is my prediction, kirsten powers, you love to tell me when i'm wrong. my prediction for the year, democrats will push hard on class war fare, raising the minimum wage, which by the way only impacts 2.8% of american workers and half of them are between the ages of 18 to 24. the republicans just want to coast on obama care until november 2014. no big ideas, solutions, status quo, what do you think? >> well, i do think the republicans believe they have a winning political issue with obamacare and will ride that
Jan 11, 2014 7:00am PST
that fuelled di sas trous fires is coming to the bay area. >> a toxic cloud of smoke and flames in north dakota. a town in quebec levelled with 47 dead. train derailments involving unusually powerful explosions are on the rise and they all have a common cargo. crude oil fracked from the shale field. >> all over the united states that's all they're bringing in. they're fracking. >> they're fighting to keep the trains from rolling into the bay area. >> there's just too much at risk. >> a company wants to modernize and reactivate an old storage terminal in the town. the plan is to bring the oil in by rail. pie marly fracked oil from north dakota. store it in huge tanks and transport it to all bay area refineries. >> 240 thousand barrels of day in and out. >> an environmental report admits to significant and unavoidable risks of air pollution, spills and accidents. >> now we're learning about even greater risks, that the trains carrying crude from north dakota's oil field are potentially explosive time bombs. federal investigators say the chemicals the oil contains from the hydraulic fracturing pro
Jan 15, 2014 2:30pm PST
in north dakota. the 20 residents have lived in fear of a notorious white supremacist who began buying land. >> it was about the middle of august. he was planning on making it an all-white enclave and it would leave my husband and i i don't know where. >> an interracial couple that became fearful. >> he referred to my husband as my pet. he had said before that it is legal to have livestock in town, referring to my husband. livestock. >> he came after fleeing the authorities in canada after he was accused of inciting hatred. the son of a multimillionaire businessman, he bought one dozen cheap plots of land and gave them to other extra mists. >> he has done this his entire life. he goes from country to country, gets kicked out, comes back, goes to another country. >> this film was taken by one of his supporters. >> who's going chicken hunting a? the same thing, he wanted a wide enclave to just have a bunch of people that were like-minded. they did not have to be white supremacists, he just wanted to welcome more white people here to live. >> the town set up a legal defense fund and their plig
Jan 3, 2014 11:00pm PST
. in fargo, north dakota, several accidents on the road. in winnipeg, canada, cars were frozen to the ground, all of it wreaking havoc on air travel in sfo, just one of many airports impacted. how are the delays looking for tomorrow? >> reporter: the airport says they have 38 cancellations here. most of the problems were earlier in the day. things are worked out but there's still delays on the board. dozen of flights were canceled and more were delayed. the problem is this, winter storms hitting the midwest and the east coast caused massive air traffic problems that affected flights across the country. ice and snow made air travel a challenge on friday. >> we're struck now and here. >> reporter: they were vacationing in san francisco, but when it came time to go home, they found it more difficult than they thought it would be to get to new york. >> today we have been trying to get home. [ inaudible ] take a cab and park the car and then drive home. >> reporter: this marine was home on leave and trying to get back to his base in pal p springs. >> i went to cleveland, and i kept getting d
Jan 1, 2014 2:35am EST
and to changes in how north dakota crude oil is handled. there are evacuation orders that are lifted and the residents are allowed to return home. alex perez, abc news, chicago. >>> and the low in castleton is 20 below. forecasters say duluth's cold wave will continue through friday. but here is something strange. lake superior is steaming, and that is because the water temperature is much warmer than the air temperature, which causes the steam, of course. >>> and in northern vermont, stores ran out of rock salt. the merchants have ordered more but it may not arrive in time for the storm now moving into that area. public works department say they do have enough road salt for now. they stocked up months ago although it is going quickly. >>> and the latest storm in the plains could dump up to a foot of snow in the northeast. >> and it is not good for travellers at all. >> good morning and happy new year, it will be a cold and snowy start to 2014 for many locations. we start with snow arriving across the plains into the midwest and great lakes. into areas like detroit, chicago, back int
Jan 4, 2014 11:00pm EST
defensive coordinator. north dakota state. a big powerhouse. takes the handoff and keeps it himself for a nine-yard td. their miracle run comes to an end. good news, caps fans. the caps have scored 128 goals. the bad news is they have also given up that many. toh a loss tonight, a fault third place in the metropolitan division. mike green fires the wrister. 2-0, capitals. tied at 3-3. ballard should sit in front of the net. 3. the capitals lose their fourth straight. they are now behind philly in the standings. the big east conference is filled with big-time rivalries. georgetown are meeting for the 104th time. d'vauntes smith-rivera would have a big-time rejection. shovels it ahead. slams it in. and-one. 21-6, hoyas. more suffocating defense. he passed to rivera. substantially at halftime. they win 77-60. but go to college park. putting on a show. downtown.from the terps led by 10 points. to seth allen. allen gets a three of his own. the terps finish with 10 three- pointers on the day. uva and florida state. anderson put on a show. he led the way with 16. 62-50. the saints beat the
Jan 27, 2014 4:30am EST
of the gulf coast states tomorrow. are forcing parts of chicago to close a. blinding snow is in north dakota. treacherous conditions outside detroit caused a massive 33 car pileup. now, the races on to clear the snow before turns to ice. >> it will be a hard freeze. it will will matter what you put on, saul, whatever, it will move. salt, whatever, it will not move. have shut avalanches down the only road that leads to the town of valdez. there is once over lining to all of this cold. concerns about the weather are pushing down ticket prices for this weekend's super bowl. they're going for about $1500 a piece. good, so we can still get our hands on some. >> people in gaithersburg are coming together to heal. >> if there's anything good about this monday morning, it is that stepping outside this monday morning will not be as cold. >> we just want you to experience everything with us. 39 degrees, that feels really good at reagan national airport. in martinsburg. 20 degrees and hagerstown. -- in hagerstown. 26 in baltimore. of a wind chill factor in morningside at 32. this time tomorrow, the fee
Al Jazeera America
Jan 20, 2014 12:00pm EST
the east coast and starting to see snow in north and south dakota. and then we get that storm developing. it's starting to develop now. temperatures really drop in north dakota, fargo at 1 degree. that's it. 16 in minneapolis. 43 in omaha and warmer to the shout. there is that front. it will continue to move south monday and tuesday. and right along the boundary, you have this storm developing. timing looks like late tuesday morning we see storms developing and here is snow in the afternoon. once it begins to come down we'll see snow accumulate in west virginia, philadelphia and you will the way up 95. early snow tuesday night early wednesday bringing moyes and the storm will intensify. it looks like its happening too far south to give a tremendous amount of snow to new england and the northeast. it looks to be developing farther west with snow along i-95. the amounts four to six inches, this band may be heavier closer to the ocean where you get more moisture. then the storm closer out. and high temperatures below zero. bitter cold air through chicago and the northeast still warm across
Al Jazeera America
Jan 22, 2014 11:00am EST
, it is now pushing south of north dakota and minnesota. and then we have another shot of cold air coming in saturday and sunday. here is this front with light snow. you can see it moving through the midwest and northeast, and that will be even colder air behind it. just wave after wave of snow and cold air. it's dropping right now, we're not seeing the warmup happen yet. the snow is gone, but the though on the ground will stick around for a while, and could even rephrase tonight. 9 in philadelphia, 10 in new york, wind chills feeling like they are down below zero at least. wind chill advisory in effect because of this. here is the cold air coming in to north and south dakota. but look at these actual air temperatures. you see numbers going down to about 40, 50 below with the wind chill. it looks like we'll see temperatures easily dropping. so look for a little light snow, but the wind chill is the big problem now, at least another 24 hours of bitter cold wind chills from the northeast all the way into the northern plains. del? >> thank you very much. >>> warren buffet is giving someone e
Jan 12, 2014 5:02pm EST
the demands that are out there. i too have been to north dakota and the folks up there say, we can wait all day for more pipelines, but in the meantime, let's just put it on rail. we will not be able to access these incredible reserves unless we've got the infrastructure to move it. and this is not just limited to our fossil fuels. it's how we move wind, solar, renewable. this will be our big challenge moving forward. and it is going to be expensive. but if we don't make these investments in infrastructure, all the oil that we have, although wind and sun that we have, everything just sits. >> is there a coalition of republicans that are willing to pay for it? >> i think we have to. this can't be democrats supporting the integration of renewables into the grid at the expense of everything else or republicans saying no, these will just be pipelines for oil and natural gas. as americans, we've got to be looking at this and saying, how do we move these resources to benefit our country? whether you're coming from alaska or from florida, how are we going to benefit? to help with jobs and allow ou
FOX Business
Jan 19, 2014 4:00am EST
employer provide fn to west virginia, north dakota, texas, the last four years, texas has tripled the oil output. gerri: that is so unbelievable. midland is the fastest growing town in america. gerri: we have the matapan it is texas and north dakota you can see right away the power tell us more. >> those are not just people in the wheel industry -- loyola industry. these all our wheat farmers all the sudden it is there land. gerri: nothing wrong with that. >> the irony is at a time the president is not a supporter could you imagine if he did? >> barack obama presided over the biggest oil and gas boom over the history over the country. the biggest irony. [laughter] the only thing right now that is holding him back one is we're not doing enough leasing. but we need pipelines. all lots of the drilling is stalled because the dollar tumbled way to get it to the market. of much chper way to get it to the market is through the pipeline. we need the keystone pipeline the president talks about infrastructure but this is priority number one. >> we talk about the northeast in the deficit with pipeli
FOX News
Jan 3, 2014 2:00am PST
it can ignite at much lower costs. in eastern montana and north dakota now the nation's second largest oil producer behind texas. a short time ago doctors speaking out on the current condition of the former israeli prime minister ariel sharon. >> his position deteriorating slow slowly. >> sharon's family remains at his bedside. he has been in a coma and living on a respirator for 8 years after the hit of political power back in 96. >>> the national inquirer reports that simpson is convinced he doesn't have long to live. the former football legend serving out a kidnapping and robbery sentence in a nevada prison. he isn't eligible for parole fo another four years. >>> edward snowden revealing the nsa is revealing a code cracking super computer that can access banking medical and even government records. all part of an $80 research program called penetrating hard targets. it is light years faster than classical computers. this as civil rights takes the first step to reveal the wire tapping program is legal. >>> congressman tray raid el is returning to congress he took a leave of absence i
Jan 6, 2014 8:00pm PST
accident carrying frocks crude oil up in north dakota with one of the things that we're seeing that caused this fire to be so combustible what if racking up more goals were mixed in with the crude oil and as if coming out of the formation which is creating problems in our rail transport system sourcing dangers of the chemical is not only for the environment than fervor and for drinking water sources but also on rail transport where you are seventy percent of the north dakota fractal or lesbian now i really don't have much time left but something i noticed while looking over all these documents was then that texas had that ninety four page spreadsheet and i said was very thorough but ohio pennsylvania west virginia named ward as thorough. so we took over wine are such differences in its reporting and would make a difference in the states captain our trip. it would again that what taxes did more thoroughly and what they were able to produce. it didn't. in response to an open records were request was simple even longer. of all of the complaints that given the agency's receive. there wasn't ne
Jan 25, 2014 5:30pm PST
. >> reporter: in the midwest tonight. heavy winds whipping up whiteout conditions. these roads in north dakota look more like the siberian tundra. in ohio, snowy roads are making for some white-knuckle driving. tow trucks working in frigid temps. to get a semi-out of a ditch. >> it's bad, especially when the roads get icy. >> reporter: detroit seeing its snowiest january ever. all this cold bringing with it a bitter reality for americans. nine out of ten households will be hit with soaring heating bills this winter. some spiking as high as 24%. for the 7 million american homes and businesses running on propane, a gas shortage is pushing up prices. one tip tried to pay a flat amount each month to avoid those spikes. a couple tips for keeping your heating bills down, try this around sliding doors and windows to keep the draft out. experts say a lot of heat escapes around pipes. put that where the pipe meets the wall. david. >> thank you. good advice with those heating bills mounting. and new england is the hardest hit. we want to bring in the meteorologist in boston. he's? the weather center ton
Dec 31, 2013 4:00pm PST
of the world. >> change one north dakota mayor is calling for following this fiery train explosion. >>> a 2-year-old livermore girl battling brain cancer the way she is her family are spending this new year's eve. spending this new year's eve. stay with us. we'l good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan? ♪ >>> dubai rang in 2014 with a record-setting show. and lights lit up the united arab emirates and now, dubai holds the record for the world's largest
Jan 17, 2014 4:00am PST
and nevada lost the most millionaires in 2013 while north dakota was the biggest gainer. in trader talk this morning, we are tapping into the trader mind of todd colvin of rj o'brien. good morning and what are you doing with your money? >>good morning. i think a couple thingsi think equities are still a safe place to be. if you didn't get in in 2013 waiting for a pullback, you're kicking yourself so i think a modest percentage of anyone's portfolio should be in equities in the united states. as well as some minor fixed income, i think while we're seeing 10 year notes hover between 290 and 3 percent. certainly not the most attractive levels to get in but not a bad place to be in case there is some kind of a global crisis. i think you also want to have some emerging market exposure. looking out at where we're seeing a lot of money being pushed in 2014 is going to be in japan and europe as those 2 central banks will maintain their push to keep money flowing and their equities should outperform if that is gonna be successful. >>china now holds a record amount of us debt. is that a good or b
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